Monday, November 28, 2011

Mobile Apps for SEO Link Development

Developing a mobile application (app) is a great way to build brand exposure and links at a time. The key is marketing and getting people to link to the application page on your site.

Most of the successful app companies do a lot of marketing. It's no different than link building for SEO. You need to make people aware, and offer something they will want to share with others.

Another way to make this easier is to go to market niches rather than mass appeal. Let's say that mothers are the customer base. Create an application in baby names. This way you can target sites, blogs, forums, newsletters, and writers who cover the topic.

The key here is to have a section on its website dedicated to this application for people to link to your site to link to sites like iTunes.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

About Google Search Engine Algorithm Fresh Content Update

This new algorithm change means a lot to SEO and online business owners. Like all critical updates, we now have new factors to consider when trying to rank websites. So let's break and speculate on how we can use the new update of fresh content to help our websites reach page

Fresh Content for News and Events

When searching for news and events, Google users will begin to see major changes. Instead of receiving news about what you're looking for (especially if it happened recently), you will get accurate results based on the news.

Fresh Content for E-Commerce Stores

When you are looking to buy a product online, you may find information about it before deciding to buy. Before the upgrade, when looking up information about a product (eg a specific car) would produce a wide variety of information on the basis of such product. So if I was looking for a car, instead of a list of the latest models, which would have to dig through several lists before finding exactly what I was looking for.

A great way to do this is to set up a Google alert for your niche. So when news happens in place, you will know immediately. Then you can create unique content based on whatever event or news that is happening. The faster you leave, you are more likely to rank # 1 in Google.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Can Google Search Even Get Facebook Likes For Search?

Google search engine does have a deal with Facebook that provides it with data about what happens on Facebook fan pages. Google can tell if person likes those pages within Facebook, as well as comments left on them or status modifies from the pages themselves. This is how Google commenced showing Facebook Page status updates in Google Real time Search about a year ago.

Google also doesn’t appear to have access to non-Facebook pages that people may “Like” across the web.

Even tiny Blekko has access to Facebook Like data, for those who select to link their Facebook accounts to Blekko. Chances are, Google still isn’t offering this because it objects to some of Facebook’s terms and conditions for having access to the data.

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